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GREAT SICK, based on a live court campaign between Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, tells of the aspirations of the birth comedian Pakail, who joined Emily on her journey. But what they thought would be a one-night flower the right way, which sparked Kumail’s life from his traditional Muslim parents.

BrinkRising actor Max Zhang is playing a former policeman who rescues his father from a criminal hero who responds to his revenge isattack of revenge against him. The film also stars Shawn Yue, Janice Man, Gordon Lamb, and is directed by Jonathan Li.

Language: Cantonese

Subtitle: English / Malay

Classification: NA

Public Broadcast Date: 23 Nov 2017

Genre: Action / Crime / Drama

Duration: Not available

Distributor: Lotus Five Star

Actor: Zhang Jin, Shawn Yue, Wu Yue, Gordon Lamb, Janice Man

Director: Jonathan Li

Format: 2D

In one room at Folsom Prison, three people from outside have quit four-group therapyday with a group of prisoners to improve the recovery challenge.

The Big Sick 2017

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